> Updates > ⭕️ Can a PHOTOFACIAL be your answer to ACNE ?“Sometimes days before an important event when we wish our face should look its best, it’s exactly time we see a new acne pop up. At such times it is challenging to treat the acne but at the same time not to allow the harsh effects of acne medications and treatments to show up on the face, this is the perfect case situation where photofacials can come to your rescue.” Says Dr Sonam, a celebrated dermatologist based at Thane.⭕️What is IPL?IPL stands for Intense pulsed light. It is a light based therapy used within the beauty and medical arena to perform various skin treatments for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Treatments may include hair removal, photo-rejuvenation for treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage, textural skin changes, and visible dilated capillaries as well as to alleviate certain dermatological conditions such as rosacea and of course acne.⭕️How can it help reduce acne?IPL technology utilizes light flashes over the treated area, triggering a biochemical response that will eventually kill the bacteria within the pores, more specifically it is targeting the P. Acnes Bacteria (Propionibacterium) within the skin.A chemical reaction that occurs with the exposure of the IPL’s specific wavelength to the P. Acnes by-product (porphyrins) it creates an oxygenated environment which is no longer viable to the growth of this specific acne causing bacteria so that the skin can heal and for there to be a reduction in the acne lesions.It also helps to reduce the redness associated with the acne and rosacea by treating the tiny blood vessels of the face.⭕️How is an IPL (photofacial) session done ?Any make-up or sun protection is removed from the skin's surface and a cold gel is applied to the target area. Protective eye-wear is worn for the treatment which will last around 20 minutes, during which the IPL hand-piece is gently applied to your skin so that healing light can be delivered to the skin’s surface using precise pulses.IPL procedures are virtually painless, but more sensitive people might experience mild discomfort. Photo facials typically require little to no recovery time, there may be a mild sun burn like feeling post treatment and some mild redness to the skin. Following treatment, you can return to your normal activities. When combined with appropriate home care and in clinic treatments, photofacials are a treatment you can rely on to address your acne and rosacea issues for good.It is important to remember for visible good results cumulative sessions are must along with some lifestyle changes and inclusion of appropriate skin care and diet.⭕️How frequently are the sessions done?Initially replan sessions at gaps of 7 days for 3-5 sessions and gradually the frequency is reduced to once a month or longer as needed.Results are evident from the initial sessions itself and continues to improve over subsequent sessions. ⭕️What are the benefits of IPL Treatments (Photofacials)?⓵Quick, lunch time session.⓶Non Invasive with NO Downtime after the session- you can resume work immediately.⓷Red Scars of acne are also treated alongside treating Active acne in the same sessions.⓸Skin complexion and mild pigmentation issues are taken care of simultaneously.⓹Improved collagen and elastin formation makes the appearance of the scars better over consecutive sessions.📌Picture today is a bride who wanted clear glowing skin and had a time frame of only 4 weeks.We started her on appropriate Skin supplements for glow and After 4 sessions of PHOTOFACIAL (one every week) we had a glowing bride to be with the best skin she had ever seen.🚨To know more about Photofacials for acne book an appointment on 9766618945.#dermatologistinthane #bestdermatologist #acnetreatmentnearme #skindoctornearme #skinclinicnearme #dermatologistinmumbai #skindoctorinthane #skindoctorinmumbai