> Updates > ⓹ reasons why MICRONEEDLING RADIO-FREQUENCY is the Best treatment for Acne scars ?Through our series of posts we have been talking about how acne scars of different types can impact the appearance of the skin in many ways. While some may have a generalised rough texture with rolling scars, others may have demarcated scars with defined borders.“No one patient has only one type of scar and hence generally a plan with more thane one type of treatments is customised for every patient.⭕️ However if one wanted to opt for a single type treatment with minimal downtime and maximum benefits the answer undoubtedly will be a MICRONEEDLING RADIO FREQUENCY (MnRf) treatment” says Skin Specialist Dr Sonam.✅ What is MnRf ?MnRf is Microneedling is combined with the goodness of radiofrequency.Traditional microneedling uses a special device like dermarollers, dermapen, that creates micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating the body’s own healing response. Collagen and elastin production are initiated, which effectively tightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring.Radio frequency on the other hand uses heat to boost your collagen and elastic production and works wonders for overall skin tightening.MnRF is a treatment where a MnRf device uses a specialised tip with multiple needles which are capable of delivering heat energy (Rf) at the desired depth in the skin.✅ How does it help?In addition to the benefits seen with the micro-injury provided by the microneedles, RF microneedling also delivers RF energy deep into the dermis further enhancing skin tightening and scar reduction.The RF energy heats the underlying layers, causing constriction and tightening of the skin, as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Because the RF energy is delivered so deeply, it can produce faster, more dramatic results.📌 5 reasons why MnRf treatment is superior to other acne scar treatments:✴️ ⓵ Results of Microneedling Radio-frequency are comparable to Ablative laser treatments.✴️ ⓶ Downtime associated with the procedure is negligible when compared to these aggressive laser procedures.✴️ ⓷ Unlike TCA cross or sub scission like treatments where individual scars are addressed, MnRf treats all types of scars in a single session, although multiple sessions are needed for visible changes to be seen.✴️ ⓸ Combination technology of MnRf is proven to produce more dramatic results in terms of skin tightening and skin rejuvenation as compared to Microneedling or radio frequency alone.✴️ ⓹ There is very little to no discomfort associated with the treatment and patients are typically able to resume regular activities the next day.✅ Who can benefit from a MnRf treatment ?RF microneedling is appropriate for nearly any skin type and tone. The procedure addresses the following issues:Fine lines and facial wrinklesScarring from acne and chicken poxMild to moderate skin laxityIrregular skin texture and toneMost patients will achieve full results with 4-6 treatment sessions, spaced about four weeks apart. The number of treatments will depend on how well the patient responds to the treatment and the severity of the skin issues to be addressed.With minimal to NO downtime and discomfort it surely is the Best Acne scar treatment proffered by Dermatologists and plastic surgeons globally.✅ Can PRP be added to MnRf ?In addition to offering this revolutionary procedure, Dr. Sonam further enhances results for some patients by adding platelet-rich plasma to the mix. This provides for more Growth factors which are crucial for Wound healing at the same time while creating this micro needle wounds.This combination allows the repair process to get activated immediately as soon as the wound is created at the desirable depth using the chosen MnRf cartridge.Putting it simply The redness after MnRf would last for about a day but MnRf + Prp put together the redness doesn’t last for longer than a couple of hours.This indicates a quicker and more efficient healing environment for better correction of the scars and rough skin texture.To know more in detail about PRPas a procedure and it benefits for scars, stay connected as tomorrow Dr Sonam talks everything about PRP for acne scars.Share this post if you find it useful and some love in the comments so we know you like our work.#dermatologistinthane #dermatologistinmumbai #skindoctorinthane #skindoctorinmumbai #skinspecialist #bestdermatologist #acnescartreatmentinthane #dermatologistnearme #skindoctornearme #bestskindoctornearme