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> Updates > SKIN DETOX | What is it ? How to do ?Do you always have a bad skin day after an event or a celebration?If you answer this question as a YES …your skin needs a DETOX.Detox is a familiar term—but what does it mean for skin care? “Just like a nutritional detox, a skin detox allows the skin a fresh start…a clean start”WHY DO YOU NEED A SKIN DETOX AFTER DIWALI ?Skin Experts globally agree, often in the days up-to an event we are extra vigilant about a clean and glowing skin. In our bid to achieve the best skin we often tend to make some known unknown mistakes like over exfoliation, long hours of make up, too many home remedies, etc.This makes the skin barrier weak and more prone to rashes, breakouts and sensitivity issues.Also indulgences are a given during such events- be it sugar in the form of sweets, alcohol or fried fast foods…These lay the ground for an inflamed and sensitive skin to break out at the earliest.Further the social stress to look good at all times makes us use thick layers of heavy makeup to hide a few flaws here and there.“If the make up products are not chosen in accordance with your skin type or stay on your skin for very long hours the skin pores tend to get blocked and become an easy house for bacterial infections to breed in.” warns Dermatologist Dr Sonam - Founder and medical head at Srishti Skin Clinic, Thane.Also the over clean skin syndrome sets in- which means the skin barrier which was removed to look clean now allows these harmful chemicals to enter the deeper layers of the skin producing sensitivity issues and rashes.If you have been committing any of these above mentioned mistakes you surely need a SKIN DETOX .HOW TO GET IT RIGHT ?Dermatologists suggest you can get started with a Skin friendly diet which means eating on time and making healthy food choices :Avoid sugars and processed foods.Eat a diet rich in antioxidants for better repair.Increase your water intake to flush out the toxins generated in the skin for an effective cleanse.Also popular skin care ingredients some of which you may already be using like vitamin c and clay are great detoxifying agents which means they can draw out pore-clogging impurities, protect from free radical damage, and promote an overall healthy-looking complexion.Products recommended by Dr Sonam for a good Skin detox are:Cetaphil Gentle foaming Cleanser to gently clean the face without being too harsh.The Ordinary niacinamide and Zinc Serum - helps regulate the blocked pores and oil production in the skin while acting as an anti-inflammatory support for the skin.Hyal Ceutic intense moisturiser by Skinnovation - with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C its the perfect repair concoction your skin rightly needs.Avoiding Sun Damage goes unsaid by using a light and pure physical Sunscreen like Photostable INSTA or Faceguard Sensitive.The Body Shop Tea Tree night repair mask - without many strong acidic chemicals the tea tree acts as an anti bacterial, keeping acne and infections away.#dermatologistinthane #skindoctornearme #skinclinicinmumbai #bestskindoctor #skindoctorinthane #acnetreatmentnearme #pimpletreatmentnearme #lasertreatmentforacne #darkspottreatmentnearme #lasertreatmentforacne #pimpletreatmentinthane