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> Updates > 5 reasons why you should use a face scrub?Exfoliation is the key….especially with the never ending lockdown days when we were all away from our routine salon visits to say the least.Time to get rid of all the built up dead skin, oil, products, and other nasties sitting on top of the skin. While exfoliation is an age old traditional skin ritual which has numerous skin benefits, top dermatologist in Mumbai Dr Sonam talks about 5 reasons why she exfoliates daily.📌Exfoliators Unclog the pores"Speaking about open pores, because exfoliation removes dirt and debris from the pores, you won’t only enjoy enhanced absorption of your skin care products, you’ll also enjoy fewer breakouts shares the expert.📌 Scrubbing Boosts blood flow"Exfoliation helps to stimulate blood flow, bringing it closer to the surface of the skin for a beautiful instant, rosy flush.It’s not only a temporary benefit though! Improved blood flow means improved collagen production, which is good news for sagging skin"📌It Enhances absorption of your skin care products.Dr Sonam warns "There’s no point in applying your luxurious lotions and oils onto skin in desperate need of a scrub. The product will only cling to the old skin cells and simply sit on the surface of the skin, rather than absorbing into your pores."Exfoliation will get rid of these dead skin cells so your pores are open and ready to receive the nutrients you feed them!📌 It Smooths the skin tone and textureTired of bumpy skin that tends to always have a dry patch or two? Exfoliation helps to smooth the skin beautifully and will even out uneven tone and texture for baby soft skin that deserves to be shown off.📌 It Leaves your complexion luminousAs suggested by world renowned Dermatologists and skin care experts "Regular exfoliation will promote a beautiful, radiant glow that will leave you feeling so confident and proud of your gorgeous skin, the way it should be" Exfoliation is great but aftercare is a Must as the newer soft smooth skin is again vulnerable to damage if left uncared for.🚨EXFOLIATION AFTER CARE:⓵ Use a soothing and protective serum with vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid.⓶ Use a light non greasy moisturiser according to your skin type.⓷ Protect using a sunscreen regularly.For more of such skin tips visit this page regularly.#dermatologistinthane #skintreatmentinthane #dermatologistnearme #skinclinicnearme #beautytreatmentnearme #lasertreatmentfordullskin #acnetreatmentnearme #bestdoctorforacne #skindoctornearby #healthyskintips #lasertreatmentforfairness #cosmeticdermatology #cosmetologistinthane