> Updates > Acne scars: Ice pick scars😩Ice pick scars are deep, narrow scars that can result from severe outbreaks of acne.Ice pick scars are deep V-shaped scars that are usually less than 2 millimeters wide.Ice pick scars are narrower than atrophic acne scars, but are also deeper than all types of scars. They’re characterised by narrow pitted shapes in the skin. These shapes are often more noticeable to the naked eye.Some ice pick scars have the appearance of a very dilated pore.😳“They form the most difficult Type of scars to be treated. No one type of treatment is generally successful to treat these notorious scars.Hence a combination of treatment is The commonest and the most preferred approach.” Says senior dermatologist Dr Sonam.👩🏻‍⚕️💉💉 Some treatment options that may be chosen by Your dermatologist to tackle such scars are listed below:1️⃣TCA CROSS treatment: TCA CROSS is a technique that involves using trichloroacetic acid (TCA) for the chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS).Procedure: During the procedure, a dermatologist stretches the affected skin, then applies a small amount of high-concentration TCA to the scar, which damages the epithelial layer of skin.As the wound heals, new collagen fibers form inside the scar, helping to reduce its appearance.Success rate : a single session of TCA CROSS can improve the appearance of ice pick scars by around 25%. People can also undergo two or three additional sessions at intervals of 2–4 weeks.Downtime : Burning sensation is experienced a few seconds after application but not severe enough to need anaesthesia.Redness and frosting(white) is followed by scab formation which can take 5-7 days to peel off.Possible complications: Risk of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation in the treated areas is high as % of TCA used is very high. Both of these are manageable complications and avoidable if adequate sun protection is ensured.2️⃣ Punch excision and grafting technique:It is a minor surgical procedure that requires removing the affected skin using a punch graft. Depending upon the size of the skin removed, the wound may either be closed using sutures ( punch excision) or be replaced with healthy skin taken from another part of the body most likely from behind the ear( punch grafting).By doing this the ice pick scar can be completely removed making the skin smoother in appearance.Downtime: just like any minor surgery effects like pain, redness and swelling will be present for a few hours. Dressing will be essential for proper wound healing and may last for 5-7 days.No major complications are known if aseptic precautions are followed well before during and after the procedure as needed.✅ “The best way to reduce the risk of ice pick scars is by treating acne outbreaks promptly and avoiding picking or popping acne lesions. Practicing good skin hygiene can help prevent future acne outbreaks, which also reduces the risk of acne scarring.”-shares your skin expert.Stay connected as we continue our dedicated acne awareness campaign with some more insights into latest acne treatments ....coming soon !!!#dermatologistinthane #dermatologistinmumbai #bestdermatologist #dermatologistnearme #acnescartreatmentnearme #skinclinicinthane #acnetreatmentnearmeSubscribe to the link below to avoid missing any updates. 👇👇👇