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> Updates > Dark lips : Facts ?We all want pink lips that look rosy and feel soft to touch, don’t we? But most often than not, you end up covering them with lipstick just to hide your dark, pigmented lips. True story? We get it. Dark lips can be a real downer, especially on special occasions or a date, when you want to look your best natural self.Is it really possible to treat dark lips ? Keep reading to know how .“To treat its extremely important to first diagnose the cause of dark lip color. It is extremely surprising to many to know the lipsticks they use to conceal dark lips are the actually the causative factor for their lip darkness.” Says skin expert Dr Sonam a leading Dermatologist practising in Mumbai for the last 10 years . Top 4 reasons for dark Lips :In the order of commonest first lip darkness can be caused by:SMOKING : Smoking-associated melanosis is related to a component of tobacco that stimulates melanin production. It occurs in up to 21.5% of smokers. Women are more commonly affected than men, which suggests a possible synergistic effect between the female sex hormones and smoking. PIGMENTED Contact Dermatitis : There are various different chemicals commonly found in LIPSTICKS like dipentaerythritol fatty acid ester, ricinoleic acid, paraphenylenediamine which can develop an allergy leading to a dark pigment deposition in the Lip layers. Contact allergy can also be to heavy metals used more in the darker shades.Congenital: If you have dark lips since younger years there’s a higher chance you have inherited it from the family. These are commonly seen as a diffuse bluish grey pigmented lip very common in people with a dark skin color.Medical Reasons : Conditions like anaemia (low haemoglobin), vitamin B12 deficiency, Addisons disease, Hyperthyroidism can also lead to dark lips.Diagnosis of what is the reason for your dark lips may require a thorough consultation with your dermatologist or skin expert, who may also make use of dermoscopy or a skin biopsy to come to a conclusion at times.Once if you have the correct diagnosis of the lip hyperpigmentation, the solution is crystal clear.It becomes a more predictable outcome if a correct diagnosis is well established by the expert.TREATMENTS for dark lips :1. For problems like an allergic or pigment contact dermatitis or smoking discontinuation of the offending agent is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.Treating the dermatitis with skin repair and protect creams helps to reduce the inflammation and the associated Pigmentary changes.2. For more long standing problems like congenital issues, birthmark on the lips - latest treatments like lasers, peels, are constantly being used with further advancements to reduce the melanin deposits in the lip layers.3. For nutritional and hormonal issues correcting the respective deficiency or the altered hormone is a prerequisite for not just lips but for better systemic health.Common Tips that can be used in all cases of DARK LIPS:Use a sunscreen regularly even on the lips.Use a kojic acid, vitamin C containing lip cream for lightening.Avoid Lip cosmetics as far as possible.Avoid licking, biting of lips frequently.So if you have dark lips or know someone who needs help in this regard, share this blog with them so they know what to do next.#dermatologistinthane #skindoctorinthane #skindoctornearme #skindoctorinmumbai #bestskindoctor #skinspecialistnearme #topdermatologistinthane #bestcosmeticclinic #bestskindoctornearme #darkliplasertreatment #darkliptreatmentinthane #darklipproblems