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> Updates > Feet looking darker then the body : know what to do ?With the ever increasing availability of information across platforms like google , beauty magazine, beauty websites, Instagram and other social platforms care for facial skin has been spoken about a lot.Scrolling through such information surprises me to see very few blogs on skin care for the feet. Just like the face they deserve special attention too!ARE YOU ALSO GUILTY OF IGNORING YOUR FEET ? Don’t worry we have you covered this time.Talking about hands and feet board certified Dermatologist Dr Sonam who is also the founder of Srishti Clinic at Thane, Mumbai talks about the various common skin problems you could face on your extremities.1.Darker SKIN on the hand and legs as compared to the face.2.Sun Tan on the hands and legs.3.Dry Skin over the extremities.4.Rough and bumpy skin on the upper arms and legs.The most commonest complaint which I see with my clinic visitors is a bad sun tan on the feet actually marking off the area which is protected by the footwear. This looks extremely disturbing in part also because its extremely easy to avoid it completely.Just like the rest of the body when your plantar skin is exposed to sunlight everyday (and you use the same footwear everyday) the are which is uncovered or unprotected starts to produce more melanin as a protective response to sun damage. This in addition to the minimalistic efforts for hydration of the plantar skin makes the patchy skin even prominent. HOW TO GET RID OF THE SUN TAN on the FEET ?1.Start off by using an exfoliator everyday specially designed for the feet skin .It will contain a more coarse scrubbing agent or a stronger dose of a chemical exfoliator like the Glycolic acid or Mandelic acid).2. Moisturise Regularly using a thick cream based moisturiser preferably with ingredients like lactic acid, urea (which help to improve penetration of the actives into the skin layers) combined with skin lightening agents like niacinamide, turmeric, berry extracts, vitamin C.3. Apply a sunscreen to your FEET also even when you are indoors as the sunlight entering your house is enough to create the tan .4. For a long standing dark tan - visit your dermatologist as she/he can help you with options like Deep Skin Polish and /or Peeling for the plantar Skin which will help you to get rid of the tan just in time.An added advantage of taking care of your feet on a regular basis is it also keeps the dead layers under check which are a never ending story as far as feet as concerned.So other skin problems like roughness, dull texture or dry skin are also taken care of once you start listening to your plantar skin needs.5. Finally nothing is complete without a diet check- having a good dose of antioxidants either in your diet or as skin supplements is a must for someone who wishes to keep dark skin away.#dullskin #dermatologist #skinspecialistnearme #skinclinic #dermatologistclinicsnearme #skinspecialistthane #dermatologistthane #bestdermatologistsinmumbai #aestheticclinic #dermatologistnearme #bestdermatologist