> Updates > Hair care tip for chemically treated hairIn today’s world it’s difficult for anyone to stay away from the various styling hair services like rebonding, colouring, smoothening and blow drying almost every other day. And to top it off are the styling products like gels , sprays and temporary hair colours. With so many services and products it’s common for the hair to lose its natural hydration and look dry and frizzy on non treated days. This then adds to the despair and makes us go back to such treatments even more often.Little do we know and understand that eventually it’s only adding to the problem.To overcome the damage and yet be able to continue with the latest hair treatments is the aim of today’s post.For all those who undergo such treatments like hair colouring as a routine need to accept their hair needs hydration also equally frequently. A good hair spa in a salon is something that can offer immediate relief and can be repeated once fortnightly. Hair oiling twice a week with a good mix of virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil surely helps in repairing the frizz and dryness on a more regular basis.For those planning such treatments once in a while can get their hair health assessed by a dermatologist to know if they are suitable candidates for the same. Hair supplements taken before such treatments can help in avoiding the unnecessary hair fall associated with such treatments. To know more about such practical hair care tips stay connected with Srishti skin clinic.