> Updates > HAIR LOSS: What not to do?😩 When faced with hair loss, many people aren’t sure where to turn for help. They often:🤫 Try to hide the problem by changing their part or hairstyle😲 Buy products that come with claims that they can restore hair💊 Take vitamins and other supplements sold specifically for hair growth🧴 Some women scale back on how often they shampoo.The results from these efforts are often modest at best and rarely get to the root of the problem. 📌If you’re losing your hair, here’s what the hair experts recommend.✅ Make an appointment to see a board-certified dermatologist. Hair loss has so many causes. The sooner you find the cause, the better your chance of getting results you want.✅ A dermatologist is a doctor who is trained to diagnose conditions that affect our skin, hair, and nails. They can get to the root of the problem, and in many cases, successfully treat hair loss.✅ Wash and condition your hair without traumatizing it. Hair that’s thinning or falling out is fragile and easily damaged.Here are a few tips from our Expert Dermatologist Dr Sonam that you can use :➡️ 1. Use a gentle cleansing Shampoo.➡️ 2. Choosing not to shampoo or not to condition after wash (because of fear of hair loss) can lead to an unhealthy scalp and Definitely aggravated hair loss over time.➡️ 3.Dry your hair using a Microfibre Towel to reduce the use of blow dryers.➡️ 4. Always top up with a moisturising hair serum for hair that shines and is protected.➡️ 5. Stop wearing your hair tightly pulled back in a bun, ponytail, pigtails, cornrows, or braids.➡️ 6. If you smoke, stop.🚭➡️ 7. Eat healthy - Carbs can also be healthy.➡️ 8. Before taking a supplement to grow your hair, find out whether you really need it.If you decide to try supplements, understand that they can do more harm than good. Getting 🔥 🔥 too much of certain nutrients (including selenium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E) has been linked to hair loss.By seeing a board-certified dermatologist, you can learn inside secrets tailored to your individual needs that can help you with hair loss.#dermatologistinthane #skindoctorinthane #skindoctornearme #dermatologistnearme #hairdoctorinthane #besthairclinicinthane #hairspecialistdoctor #hairfalltipsbyadermatologist #lasertreatmentforhairgrowth #prptreatmentnearme #prptreatmentinthane #GFCtreatmentinthane #hairtreatmentnearme