> Updates > Have you started observing small bumps like whiteheads on the face or are you experiencing a full blown break out ......that you never had before !Wonder not ! it's called MASKNE - Mask induced acne 😣With the hot and humid summers - the fear of corona made us use all types of available masks and with scarce resources - most of us at some point have even reused the same mask multiple times.Now although the awareness about masks and how to use them best has surely increased - the humid weather through the last few months has added to the oil buildup on the skin and eventually in the masks.This has lead to increasing number of people reporting acne like eruptions on the face - particularly lower face that is covered by masks.Reasons that can add to the acne are:Oily skin.Use of make up below the mask.Using a mask over an already infected area.Sharing your mask with others without washing.Using masks for long periods continuously.Re-using your masks without washing them before use.How can you avoid MASKNE ?Mask acne can deter you from using these super- effective covid warriors. Don't let that happen.Following a simple skin routine modified to address the above issues can be immensely helpful.Here are a 3 easy tips shared by Dr Sonam -Founder and medical director at Srishti Skin Clinic based at Thane.1. Wash your face at regular intervals- use a gentle facewash ( Cetaphil daily exfoliator facewash, Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant , Aveene cleanance gel)2. Exfoliate Daily using a gentle exfoliator. Prefer using a chemical exfoliator- like glycolic acid or salicylic acid over physical exfoliating scrubs.Use low concentration products but use them daily.3. Use Calamine lotion regularly- calamine lotion helps in absorbing the excessive oil and helps in regulating the sebum production. If you have an existing infection like active acne, wart or a fungal infection - get it treated at the earliest as spread from one area to another can happen very easily via masks.Stay connected for more on such practical and useful tips.#dermatologist #dermatologistinthane #skindoctorinthane #skindoctornearme #dermatologistnearme #cosmeticdermatologist #cosmeticclinicinthane #bestskindoctor #skindoctorinmumbai