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> Updates > How to get attractive lips? : IDEAL lips Beauty is defined as “a state of harmony – a balance of facial proportions.Lips are always a part when one refers to beauty, for a simple reason they are one of the first and most impactful feature noticeable on the face.The lips are an essential component of the symmetry and aesthetics of the face.An attractive appearance has a strong influence on a person’s everyday life. Having the ideal lip shape, size, color and texture can completely transform the way one sees himself/ herself on a day to day basis.Talking about ideal lips Dermatologist Dr Sonam shares her experience as below :Cosmetic procedures to modify the lips has recently gained in popularity, namely procedures for improving lip color and size, Many teens and brides to be are willing to know more about options they can explore to have more attractive lips.It is also not surprising to have women in their 50’s talk about an almost invisible upper lip particularly in their selfie pictures.So definitely lips is the buzz word at least from the last 3-5 years.Moving on to understand what makes a particular lip attractive over the other Dr Sonam talks about the various factors one must consider before choosing any lip treatment.What is an IDEAL ATTRACTIVE LIP ?Size of the lip : Is your lip in proportion to the structure of the face ?eg: A big face with a very thin upper lip doesn’t attract as much as nice fuller upper lip.Or a lower lip slightly fuller than the upper lip looks more attractive than equal sized upper and lower lips.Above pic shows an excellent comparison of lip size.2. Color of the Lip : Dark lips have always been a potent beauty spoiler. Soft lips with a uniform lip color between various shades of pink / red have always been the most sought after.3. Texture of the lip : Smooth and hydrated lips with a natural gloss like shine are considered best, while dry, chapped and cracked lips with lip wrinkles are surely avoidable.4. Skin around the lip : It should be smooth with no wrinkles, a prominent philtral column (lines from the nose to the lip prominence) an upturned lip corner with well defined lip borders.While for a face best lip shapes can be different- a lip proportionate to its bony structure, age, racial factors and personal desire will always be the most gratifying. Treatments available for improving factors like lip shape, lip volume, lip border definition and peri-oral rejuvenation are as below :1.Botulinum Toxin : aka BOTOX , now also available as NABOTA , DYSPORT is used worldwide to treat wrinkles and fine lines around the lip. It also works great for someone looking for “lip flip”.2.HA Fillers: brands like restylane and juvederm have been globally used extensively with very satisfactory outcomes for correcting lip volumes.3.PRP or Nanofat Grafting: These are the latest treatments used for lip rejuvenation and are currently the talk of the town. Both are based on collagen induction in the lip to enhance the fullness and simultaneously improve texture and color.Treatments that work great for improving lip color and texture :1. Laser Lip treatments : Specialised laser devices like the Q switched NdYag and Erbium Glass are been increasingly used to control the melanin in the lips. Due to the superficial presence of the pigment in the lips-treatments like the frequency doubled Q Sw NdYag are also used at times.2. Lip peels: Skin peeling using soft and gentle chemical exfoliators like Glycolic acid, TCA and retinol can be used to target the epidermal layers laden with excess melanin.HA Boosters : These would help by increasing the hyaluronic acid content in the lips thereby increasing the hydration of the lips by at least 1000 times. This would stretch the lip skin slightly making the light reflex on the lip more desirable.Of all the available treatment options the best plan for you can be formulated by an expert Aesthetic Physician (Dermatologist) who can understand the finer nuances of beauty with respect to age.Dr Sonam is a BOARD CERTIFIED Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician who holds an elaborate Decade long experience of treating some of the most renowned faces in Mumbai.To Book aesthetic consultation with Dr Sonam visit the link below .#dermatologistinthane #dermatologistinmumbai #skindoctorinmumbai #cosmeticdermatologistinthane #bestskindoctornearme #cosmeticdermatologist #antiagingspecialist #lipfillertreatment #liplasertreatment #lipcaretips