> Updates > LASER HAIR REMOVAL : 5 MYTHS Tired of shaving, waxing, or epilating at all times? Hair on the body and the face are normal but can still be disturbing for reasons more than one - while it is an absolute need for body hygiene in the sensitive areas, it may be a matter of choice for those who desire a soft smooth hairless skin to flaunt. From the time they have been approved for HAIR REDUCTION, lasers have changed the lives of many for good.It is the safest, fastest, and comfortable method of hair removal. Many people just run away from laser hair removal treatment due to the myths surrounding this treatment. Here are some of the myths busted related to laser hair removal treatment that one should be aware of: Myth : Laser hair reduction increases the growth of hair. Fact : The laser treatment effectively targets the hair follicles and removes the hair from the roots. The laser heats the hair bulb, and as a result, the hair does not grow back. The results are also long-lasting. Hence, this treatment helps to decrease the amount of hair growth permanently. Myth : Laser hair reduction treatment is painful. Fact : Laser hair reduction treatment is less painful than waxing. During the treatment, laser hair reduction treatment, a numbing cream, and cooling gel are applied on the skin. This helps to reduce discomfort cases by laser treatment, and it feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin, and this pain is generally bearable. Myth : Laser hair reduction can cause scarring and burns. Fact : There is a very small risk that the laser hair reduction method can cause scarring. Hence, it is recommended to get this treatment from an expert and skilled laser specialist under the supervision of expert skin doctor to minimize the risk of side effects caused by laser treatment. It is also essential to follow pre and post-treatment medications that help to minimize the risk of skin burns. Myth : Laser hair reduction exposes the skin to radiation. Fact : Laser hair reduction does not emit any sort of radiation. So, it is not harmful to the patient going through laser hair reduction. Myth : Laser hair reduction is only for women. Fact : Both men and women can perform laser hair reduction. Men can also get this treatment any part of their bodies and is also popular for beard shaping and chest hair removal. Dr Sonam Ramrakhiani, Founder Dermatologist and laser expert at Srishti Skin Clinic, Thane conducts a thorough skin and hair analysis before every session to perfectly adjust the laser settings for each session. We offer a COMPLIMENTARY patch before you sign up with us for laser Package with us- This will help you to have a first hand experience of how easy and comfortable it can be. When it is about your skin safety, TRUST only the best dermatologist. Visit us for a Laser consultation. #dermatologistinthane #laserhairremovalinthane #laserhairremovalnearme #laserhairremovalnearby #laserhairremovalprice #laserhairremovaltreatmentnearme #permanentlaserhairremovalinthane #laserhairremovalclinicinthane #laserclinicinmumbai