> Updates > Laser Treatments for Skin : How do they help?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Skin being the external most goes through extensive wear and tear and is subjected to extreme damage at times. Internal Health also affects the skin in ways that have been extensively discussed- some examples being the effect of an unhealthy diet on skin, How lack of exercise can affect skin and so on.Obviously this makes the skin the first organ to bear the brunt of almost all damaging effects on the body- ranging from stress to smoking to lack of adequate sound sleep, etc.Whatever may be the reason or the problem, skin shows it all, especially on the face. Skin conditions include blemishes, acne, wrinkles etc. The list is never ending. Ageing brings dark circles, sagging skin,  wrinkles etc. Anti- aging products, medications, etc. all promise to redress these skin problems. But most of these promises remain unfulfilled!!At such times advanced dermatological treatments surely come to your rescue but you must BE CAREFUL…(🔥 read ahead to find out WHY?)Today Dermatologist and laser physician Dr Sonam will be talking about LASERs and how they help us with different skin problems:📌 (Dr Sonam is the founder and medical director at Srishti Skin Clinic & Aesthetic Centre based at Thane, Mumbai)🔥 What is a LASER? How does it work?Lasers are sources of high intensity light. It accurately focuses on small spots with high energy.Laser Beams can gently repair, revive and rejuvenate skin tissues from inside out using their deep wavelengths and ability to penetrate deeper without damaging the superficial skin.Imagine sunlight travelling through the water in a pond- no effect is seen on the surface but light enters the water and can be used by the plants underneath for survival. Sounds like Magic ….doesn’t it ? Similarly LASERS can work magic on the skin too…lets list some skin conditions where lasers have created their mark already.🔥 Skin Conditions That Laser Can Treat:
1. Acne / pimples -🤭 Treats Active Acne🤭 Reduces Redness on the face.🤭 Improves Skin tone🤭 Improves Acne Scars.🤭 Fades away Dark Spots🤭 Reduces open pores.2. Pigmentation -🤭 Fades away dark patches.🤭 Lightens Skin Tone.🤭 Brightens the skin and makes it uniform.🤭 Improves the texture of skin.3. Skin Healing / Anti Aging-🤭 Reduces Inflammation🤭 Speeds up Skin Repair🤭 Increases collagen building🤭 Renews elasticity of the skin.🤭 Skin tightening and Glow.🤭 Treats open pores and skin sagging (loose skin)4. Permanent Hair reduction-🤭 Facial Hair removal🤭 Body Hair removal🤭 Ingrown Hair problems🤭 Acne on the neck & beard🤭 Bumps on the shoulders & arms5. Permanent Tattoo removal-🤭 Erase old faded tattoos and moles, 🤭 Erase Birthmarks 🤭 Not so perfect permanent make up.🤭 Remove Unprofessional or accidental tattoos permanently.With the new improved and advancing technologies, many other skin problems and diseases too can be treated using Laser therapy.🔥 Results And Recovery:
The results of laser and light-based treatments vary, depending on the technology and treatment. 🔥 When properly performed, laser and light-based treatments can visibly improve the skin conditions and problems. And they also rejuvenate the skin.🔥 Recovery too, varies, depending on the type of procedure employed. Mild treatments, such as those with low-powered lasers typically have very fast recovery times, generally a few days to one week. 🔥 Aggressive laser treatments require a longer recovery period. Typically, the skin will go through various stages of healing and may take 2-3 weeks for complete repair.🔥 Is It Safe?
Laser is a surgical procedure and all surgical procedures carry some risk. Ablative laser and light-based treatments can result in infections, cold sores, milia (small white elevated cysts of superficial skin), darkening of the skin (particularly if exposed to the sun after surgery) .Non-ablative techniques can cause temporary hyperpigmentation (skin darkening), blisters, and damage to the eyes from laser exposure.🔥 It is because of this reason you must be Sure of the centre and your treating doctor.🔥With salons, spas and unqualified quacks using latest lasers to attract customers and even untrained staff performing sessions various clinics- the reporting of side effects is very high. 🔥 But for any patient who has got treated by a qualified Laser physician and by a standard device- will be the best testimony for the laser device and the treating physician.With so many different types of laser skin treatments available, it is difficult to zero in on the one that will work for you. 🔥 So it is very important to consult an experienced dermatologist to finalise the treatment plan, tailor-made for you!#dermatologistinthane #dermatologistnearme #skindoctornearme #skinlasertreatmentfordarkspots #skinlasertreatmentforacne #skinlasertreatmentforpimples #skinlasertreatmentforopenpores #skinlasertreatmentforwrinkles #skinlasertreatmentnearme #skinlasertreatmentinthane #bestlaserclinicnearme