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> Updates > OIL MASSAGE IN BABIES : to do or not to do ?❤️ Massage is a great and gentle way of touch for the baby, which is known to play a role in growth, development and well being.❤️ Massage is proven to have a positive effect on weight gain in infants.➡️ In a study 25 mothers were asked to massage their babies 15 min before sleep. This group showed shorter latency to sleep and longer sleep for the mothers and fewer night wakings and longer sleep for their infants.➡️ According to another study conducted in 2002 Massage therapy enhances weight gain in preterm infants. Potential mechanism studies have included gastric motility following massage, leading to increased weight gain➡️ In a study on preschoolers “with aggressive and deviant behavior” 50 children were massaged daily for 20-min and compared to a group of 50 children who were not. By the third month and again at 6 and 12 months, the massaged children had lower parent and teacher rated aggression scores on the Child Behavior Checklist. The children also had fewer social and somatic problems.➡️ Massage is known to improve gross motor and sensory sensitivity scores in preterm and full term infants .➡️ Children with atopic dermatitis (eczema) were massaged as their parents applied medicinal ointment for 15 min a night at bedtime for one month. These were compared to another group who received the medicinal ointment without massage. (According to paediatric journal of dermatology 1998)The skin condition of the massaged children significantly improved including 🔴 less redness and scaling, 🔴 less thickening of skin resulting from scratching, 🔴 reduced excoriation, and itching✅ These and many more studies prove Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for the newborns. ✅🤔 But which oil is the best for the BABY ? This question is best answered by renowned Clinical Dermatologist- Dr Sonam - founder and medical head at Srishti Skin Clinic, Thane.📌 “Oil for babies should be smooth and not very thick in viscosity.It should be non occlusive to allow the skin to breathe and avoid blockage of skin pores.Also Its ingredients should be thoroughly tested to avoid any kind of hypersensitivity reactions .” Says the skin expert.Pure Coconut oil is considered the best . Sunflower and safflower oils are also known to improve skin hydration and skin quality.Medium-chain triglyceride oil are also preferred oils for newborn skin although they are more likely to produce sensitivity than natural oils like coconut.Olive oil and thicker viscosity oils like mustard oil are more likely to produce skin friction, irritation and pore blockage .Olive oil significantly damages the skin barrier and therefore has the potential to promote the development of exacerbated existing, atopic dermatitis, while mustard oil can produce eczema like lesions after use. Hence use of such oils is strongly discouraged by dermatologists across India.For those newborns who develop any skin rashes after using a particular oil the best solution is to stop the use immediately and consult a dermatologist near you.For more on scientific skin care subscribe to our newsletter.Or dial 9766618945 to get in touch.#dermatologistinthane #dermatologistnearme #skindoctorinmumbai #bestskinclinic #skinspecialistnearme #skinclinicinthane #cosmeticdermatologistinthane #bestdermatologistinmumbai