> Updates > SCARS IN ACNE : Know More why and How ?🚨“An acne consultation is always incomplete without looking and addressing the scars left behind from the older acne.” Says Aesthetic Expert Dr Sonam.Acne is a transient problem that leaves behind permanent effects like scars that affect the appearance, the emotional and social appeal of the individual to a great degree.🚨What do ACNE SCARS look like :Scars formed due to acne can be of 3 types:Flat : Brown spots, red spots or black spots if skin is picked at.Depressed Scars: These scars appear like skin defects below the normal level of skin looking like open pores (ice pick scars), pits (rolling scars or box scars)Raised Scars: These appear raised above the normal skin level and are more commonly seen in chest and back acne cases.🚨Why should you treat your scars?As Dr Sonam says not all feel like treating their scars. We get a variety of patients some willing to treat even a single isolated scar whilst others are comfortable carrying deep huge scars on the face.So what is it that should make you decide whether to treat a scar or not?✅ Points in favour of treatment:Technological advancements these days like lasers, rollers, etc have made it possible to wonderfully treat scars.Results after well performed scar Treatment are permanent. SCARS don’t come back unless you develop newer acne.With treatments like MnRf, Prp, fillers and threads collagen loss from the skin is also taken care of (collagen loss is a constant feature in aging skin)Above all a smooth scar free face is always considered more desirable.Defying all this if you are the one who has apprehensions about advanced skin treatments or if you scars don’t affect your daily lifer work life, you can still choose to leave them untreated. 🚨How can you treat your scars?Scars are 3 dimensional defects in the skin because of faulty wound healing process. It is almost impossible to treat scars by cream applications or surface treatments like facials..To effectively treat scars we need a treatment that delivers in the deeper layers of the skin and triggers newer collagen production to repair these damaged areas says Dr Sonam. .Some examples of effective treatments for scars are Microneedling with or without Radiofrequency, Co2 laser, TCA cross to name a few.To know more of which of these will work for you stay connected for our upcoming blogs.Subscribe to the link below to avoid missing an update.#acnescartreatmentnearme #dermatologistinthane #skindoctorinthane #dermatologistinmumbai #skindoctorinmumbai #bestdermatologistinthane #bestdermatologist #skinclinicnearme #skinclinicinthane