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> Updates > Should a hair fall patient use hair conditioners? As a dermatologist I am asked this question very often “dr whenever I use hair conditioner after hair wash I loose bunches of hair at once. It scares me ;I feel I will go bald. So I have stopped using them and I feel better. Am I right in doing so?”In my opinion conditioners because of their detangling and smoothening properties allow the damaged hair roots to fall off at once while rinsing. These damaged hair roots would anyways shed off even if a conditioner wasn’t applied. It’s just that they would fall off individually while drying or combing them so we don’t see them as a bunch of hair at once.”- says Dr Sonam.Conditioners have many important roles to play after one has used a shampoo. For eg they coat the hair in a way that it helps to seal the outermost layer of the hair ..the cuticle. This doesn’t allow for the external damages (dust, particulate matter) to penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair. Also they mimic the outermost natural lipid layer of the hair thereby strengthening the outer cortex. This also helps in improving the shine and combability of the hair. It is also responsible for reducing the frizz and improving the appearance of the hair. So it’s very important to condition your hair after every hair wash. This will help in maintaining the hair texture shine and health in the long run. To stay updated with such tips ensure you stay connected with SRISHTI SKIN CLINIC.