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Why Do You Get Acne ?

Acne or pimples as they are commonly referred to as can occur because of multiple factors in the skin....both inside and outside.
Skin on the face, chest back and shoulders is rich in oil Glands. These oil glands normally produce a liquid called sebum which has many protective roles to play in maintaining skin health. But if this sebum production happens in excess, it could lead to blocking of the pore and swelling in the oil gland. It is then an easy focus for the bacteria residing on the skin to invade this gland and form a large red pus filled bump which we refer to as ACNE.

What are the common reasons for oily skin ?

Oil production on the skin can be affected by multiple factors. Here are a few of them:
  1. Hormonal changes- Puberty (Teenage Acne), Pregnancy, Menopause, Period Acne, pcos related acne, Adult Acne.
  2. Environmental Factors- Exposure to dust, pollution, Smoke can trigger inflammation and excess oil production.
  3. Cosmetics- Very harsh strong face wash or frequent washing of the face can lead to rebound increase in oil production.
  4. Family history of acne in parents or siblings.
  5. Diet- Junk foods or processed foods & foods with a very high glycemic index like chocolates, desserts , etc are known to worsen pimples. Diary products are also a known factor.

What are the common forms of Pimples ?


What to do if a Pimple Breaks ?

Video Testimonial- Acne

Treatments For Acne at Srishti Skin Clinic 

Acne Peels
Phtotofacial- acne 
Acne Scar Treatments
Clear Skin Laser
Skin whitening Peel
Carbon Peel

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