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What Changes in the Skin as we grow older ?

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Just like any other body part, the skin is maintained by a complex equilibrium of destruction of the old skin cells and replacement with the newer ones.
This equilibrium gets disturbed over time due to the external and internal factors like smoking, sun exposure, diet, pollution exposure, etc.
As a result the older skin cells keep accumulating and are not replaced regularly.
This leads to loss of elasticity, development of open pores, wrinkles and sagging skin. Also the superficial layers of the skin start looking dull dehydrated, lustreless and patchy.


Wrinkles are of two types: Dynamic & Static

Dynamic Wrinkles form on the skin due to contraction of muscle fibres below the skin. Repeated use of certain muscles will lead to formation of deeper lines around the area of use. For example:
Someone who smiles a lot gets lines around the eyes( CROWS FEET)
Someone who frowns a lot gets wrinkles between the two eyebrows (FROWN LINES)

Static wrinkles develop on the skin because the underlying support structures of the skin like the bone, muscles and fat undergo thinning changes which allows the overlying skin to sag downwards because of gravity.

Eg: nasolabial fold (fold around the nose and mouth)
Marionette Lines ( folds around the corners of the lips)

Aging Skin is not able to repair the everyday damages it is being exposed to everyday.

What is the right age to start anti aging skin care?

Aging Skin is not able to repair the everyday damages it is being exposed to everyday and hence shows up the cumulative effect of the damage after some time. Since Aging is a fact of life and is a process that starts right the day we are born we need to understand that SKINCARE should start on the day we are born in the form of suitable body oils, bodywashes, moisturisers, etc.

As we grow older we need to understand the needs of the skin and change according to the requirements. Aging changes begin to show up anywhere around 25-27 yrs of life and hence a good (skin repair) night cream should definitely be added to your skin routine. Progressing to your 30's, 40's and 50's skin care will need to have a more holistic approach like Proper home care, regular Skin nourishing Facials and Anti Aging Treatments as and when required.

Treatments Available for Signs of Skin Aging :

BotoxHyaluronic (HA) FillersThread Lift


RF Skin Tightening

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