What is Pigmentation ?

Pigmentation refers to coloring of the skin. Pigmentation disorders in the skin cause changes to the color of the skin. These pigmentation disorders can range from the mild freckles to the dreaded Melasma which till date has all the Expert Dermatologists across the globe struggling to find a permanent solution for.

What causes Pigmentation ?

Pigmentation problems on the skin appear because of various factors that can affect the MELANIN production in the skin resulting in dark spots, patches and an uneven patchy skin complexion on one extreme and white patches on the other. Factors that can increase melanin production will give rise to conditions with HYPERPIGMENTATION, while factors that decrease MELANIN from the skin will cause HYPOPIGMENTATION disorders.


Factors that cause Dark Skin can be :

1.Increased Sun Exposure.

2. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, while on contraceptive pills.

3. Excess friction on the skin.

4. Inflammation because of any kind of skin issues like pimples, burns, rashes.

5. Allergies to cosmetic products like hair dye.

6. Regular long term use of fairness creams containing strong agents like hydroquinone.

Common Forms of Hyperpigmentation (Dark Skin) problems:
FrecklesSun TanPatchy SkinMelasmaAcanthosis NigricansDye Allergy

How to take care of Pigmented Skin?

Treating Pigmented skin or dark spots and patches on the face first needs a proper clinical assessment to diagnose the cause of the pigment and needs a treatment plan accordingly. Some common skin care tips that can help in keeping dark patches under check are listed below:

  1. Use a mild gentle cleanser according to your skin type.
  2. Exfoliate your skin once a week using a scrub with soft rounded scrubbing particles.
  3. Avoid friction and irritation in all ways.
  4. Include foods like berries, walnuts, flax seeds, etc that are rich in Antioxidants regularly.
  5. Use a Broad spectrum sunscreen with an spf 30+ on all exposed body parts and repeat after every 3-4 hours even indoors.

How Antioxidants work on the skin?

Treatment options available for pigmented skin 


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