Teenage pimples progressing to adulthood is a common occurence.Women can continue to get acne until their late 40's. These are then referred to as hormonal acne or adult acne. This was a young lady in her 30's who had a history of teenage acne whic

Skin Peeling Treatment for pimples/ acne.Pimples can be caused due to multiple factors both external and internal. If left to heal on their own pimples can result into consequences like dark spots, scars and permanent textural damage on the face.

Can we take pimples lightly ? Can we really expect them to go away on their own ? NOT REALLY .Even though acne or pimples tend to settle down with increasing age and reduced oil on the face, the scars left behind by TEENAGE ACNE can well be seen

Acne free clear skin with our signature acne treatment plans.We specialise in cosmetic skin treatments like peels, lasers and medical grade facials to give you a clean clear skin.

Dermatologist dr Sonam decodes the role of modern diet and acne. Click on the link below to read the post. Subscribe to the website to receive regular skin care tips and updates.

How to remove dark circles ?This beautiful lady presented to our clinic with dark circles that made her look dull an tired at all times. She was concerned and disturbed.She was treated with a series of 12 peeling treatments at gap of 1 week each.

A young female in her 30's presented with a sudden break out of pimples after having a facial at a local salon. The experience left her extremely disappointed and disturbed.Also the pimples healed with dark spots adding to her despair.After a detai

"Dr sonam is a very good Dermatologist as she talks to the patient very friendly and politely. She gives the best advise and treatment for skin and hair problems. I have done peeling for hyperpigmentation and hormonal treatment for acne. I have got f

Another successful skin talk conducted today to create awareness about the current advancements in the field of cosmetic dermatology which are easily available and can be used to address common day to day problems like acne, hair loss, pigmentation,