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Do you have premature hair thinning..?Hair thinning in men is considered to be genetically controlled. Yes while its true that hair loss or bald patches in males appear primarily because of their male hormone called testosterone it still matters at

Bald patches on scalp or beard area is called alopecia. Its spread can be controlled can be completely reversible on treatment. know someone suffering from alopecia; call Srishti Skin Clinic to book a consultation with Dr Sonam.

Hair loss / Hair thinning/ Bald patches in females can be multi factorial and needs holistic care in order to be revived.LLLT stands for low level light therapy and is widely used at our centre (Srishti Clinic) for effective hair regrowth in almost

Do you feel your hair partitions look wider than before in your selfies. Ever wondered why the scalp show..?According to dr sonam it is one of the commonest complaints presenting in females in the age group 25-40 yrs. This happens because of gradu

Pigmentation or dark patches on the skin can occur because of hormonal changes during pregnancy and stress. Successful outcomes can be achieved by combination treatments like lasers and peels. Maintainence is very important in the form of sunscreens

Healthy Hair is your best accessory. It complements the look and the can change the shape of the face completely.Having long healthy shiny voluminous and bouncy hair has been every girls dream but not many really know the perfect HAIR CARE they sho

Ever wondered why Men lose hair after a certain age ?Watch this video by Dr Sonam ramrakhiani to know WHY ?.Click the link below to us about your hair fall queries to have them answered by our expert tricholo

UNEVEN SKIN TONE - can range from mild #freckles to most severe forms like #melasma. While most of us are indoors we can start taking care of our skin to address these concerns and have a uniform radiant skin.What is an EVEN skin ? And how to get i

Getting #acne breakouts even while you’re taking all the care being indoors? Or battling #dullskin despite all the #vitamin c flooding your plates, creams and mind...If YES ...Read this post till the end ... it’s for youBeing at home 🏠 naturall