Another successful skin talk conducted today to create awareness about the current advancements in the field of cosmetic dermatology which are easily available and can be used to address common day to day problems like acne, hair loss, pigmentation,

Do you have an extra skin outgrowth on the face or the body ...? Know what it could be.The commonly seen growths are skin tags, Warts, Seborrheic keratosis. It is important to understand the differences in between them to decide how should they be

Cosmetic Dermatologist dr sonam conducted a skin awareness program at vashi. It was an enriching experience to attend to queries about anti aging from women of different age groups. Every face has different needs and a customised skin care plan comin

Can we take pimples lightly ? Can we really expect them to go away on their own ? NOT REALLY .Even though acne or pimples tend to settle down with increasing age and reduced oil on the face, the scars left behind by TEENAGE ACNE can well be seen

Holi -the festival of colors While the child in us waits to splash a dash of bright red colour on a friend's face ...we tend to forget the impact of these colours on our skin.With cheap roadside vendors selling colours, and even some stores selli

Botox takes 7-15 days to show best results. It helps in relaxing the facial muscles responsible for formation of fine lines and wrinkles more commonly referred to as:1. FOREHEAD LINES (seen on forehead when person expresses surprise or even at rest

Feedback from one of our first time consultations. At Srishti Skin Clinic our core values :1.) Patient Priority2.) Patient confidentiality3.) Patient Comfort is maintained at all times possible while trying our level best to create an experience

Skin care tip no 3With the increasing awareness about sun damage it is obvious by now for everyone to have received an advise about using your sunscreen regularly from friends, neighbours, doctors , etc.Despite this people who say i don't use a s

FAQ's about hair fall in teenagers ?Today's post is about to put an end to 3 most commonest questions asked when its about hair fall in the younger generations.1.) Is it normal to lose hair at age of 12-14 years?A.) No, it is not normal to lose