How many times should i wash my hair ?A healthy scalp skin is crucial to have strong and healthy hair root attachment and growth.According to Dermatologist & Trichologist Dr Sonam; shampoos are cleansers to the scalp and hair just like soap or sh

Do you feel your hair partitions look wider than before in your selfies. Ever wondered why the scalp show..?According to dr sonam it is one of the commonest complaints presenting in females in the age group 25-40 yrs. This happens because of gradu

#winterskincare Lowering temperatures feel great but the skin’s natural oil producing capacity becomes insufficient through this #climatechange Over time it has been studied extensively that dry dehydrated skin can have many issues like :#Roughs

🧩 Anti oxidants 🧩Anti oxidants are wonder molecules that help in neutralising the effects of various harmful environmental agents like the Ultra violet radiations from the sunlight🌞, Air Pollutants☄️, Cigarette / Vehi

In the ever growing world of selfies and instant sharing it is very crucial to feel our best to enjoy life to the fullest.Having a clean and clear glowing skin and healthy luscious hair; definitely doubles the joy.When it comes to finding the best

Harmful effects of smoking on Skin & hairLet's take an easy quiz (pic courtesy:webmd)This is a picture of twins….guess who of these is a smoker ?Easy isn’t it ! Read on to see if you guessed it right and why?Tobacco's Tell-Tale SignsTwin B smok

Skin Tip no. 2 Skin is the outermost protective layer your body has. Hence it is the first layer exposed to maximum damage from the external factors like sunlight, pollution and dehydration.This eventually leads to development of dullness, patchy

International Women’s Day offers 2020 At Srishti skin clinic we strongly believe “You Do Your Best ...When You Feel Your Best”And for this it is important you take care of your mind, body and soul.With expert medical care, world renowned techno

Serum vs Moisturiser - 2Continuing our series that we started yesterday where i spoke about what’s the difference in these two ... Link to yesterday’s post : Let’s move