#feedbackstories #drsonam #srishti_skin_clinic Weekends can't get any better when you get appreciated for the consistent efforts you choose to put into your everyday work.This one gets even better because patient comfort is one of the areas that

DO YOU AGREE..?Pimples have been disturbing at all ages...Be it at puberty, teenage or even peri-menopausal.At different times in life there could be multiple reasons aggravating your acne problems.Although hormonal fluctuations are the common

#haircare can be extremely confusing when you don't get the right kind of advise at the right time.With family and friends talking about how they have benefitted from different available hair treatments it becomes even more difficult to choose which

#feedbackstories by #drsonam is a series where we share the feedback given about his/her experience with Srishti skin clinic .Today we are proud to share yet another happy feedback from a recent visitor at the clinic.We the entire team at Srishti

PRP treatment for acne scars: A MasterStroke treatment✴️ Acne scarring is a consequence of abnormal resolution or wound healing following acne inflammation.✴️ Current scenario :Microneedling has become an important treatment modality for acne scar