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Hair care tip for chemically treated hairIn today’s world it’s difficult for anyone to stay away from the various styling hair services like rebonding, colouring, smoothening and blow drying almost every other day. And to top it off are the styling

Should a hair fall patient use hair conditioners? As a dermatologist I am asked this question very often “dr whenever I use hair conditioner after hair wash I loose bunches of hair at once. It scares me ;I feel I will go bald. So I have stopped usi

Hair loss in women can really affect her confidence in day to day life. Get complete hair regrowth in just 3 sessions. PRP/GFC is a novel technique to regrow newer hair follicles on the scalp(works for all age groups). It is a safe and painless techn

Hair loss / Hair thinning/ Bald patches in females can be multi factorial and needs holistic care in order to be revived.LLLT stands for low level light therapy and is widely used at our centre (Srishti Clinic) for effective hair regrowth in almost

"Dr sonam is a very good Dermatologist as she talks to the patient very friendly and politely. She gives the best advise and treatment for skin and hair problems. I have done peeling for hyperpigmentation and hormonal treatment for acne. I have got f

Another successful skin talk conducted today to create awareness about the current advancements in the field of cosmetic dermatology which are easily available and can be used to address common day to day problems like acne, hair loss, pigmentation,

What happens to the skin after a peelChanges in the skin would be noticeable on a daily basis from the 2nd-7th day in the form of dryness, flaking of the skin or mild sensitivity (only after a strong peel) . All these improve by the end of 1 week

Dermatologist dr Sonam decodes the role of modern diet and acne. Click on the link below to read the post. Subscribe to the website to receive regular skin care tips and updates.

Skin care tip no 5As we grow older (above 25) the self renewal capabilities of the skin get slower. It simply means the dead layer which should ideally fall off after every 28 days tends to stick on for longer duration as we age. This eventually l