✨🌟Instagram skin and hair care contest alert...✨We are coming up with a weekly skin and hair quiz ... wherein interesting practical tips will be shared in a quizzical form...every Friday. 3 Winners will be announced at the end of the quiz series

Diet and hair fall - LysineL-lysine is an Amino Acid (raw material to make proteins inside the body) . This amino acid is also a part of the internal hair root layers .Dietary Deficiency of Lysine can cause the hair to become1. BRITTLE2. THIN

Another successful skin talk conducted today to create awareness about the current advancements in the field of cosmetic dermatology which are easily available and can be used to address common day to day problems like acne, hair loss, pigmentation,

A young child presented in Dr Sonam's dermatology clinic with a white patch over the cheek since last 2 months. It was a stressful time for the parents as they would see it growing day by day.After complete examination a treatment plan was formula

Common concern among mothers of growing children is deficiency of vitamins. Today let’s assess some nutritional knowledge... Reply on link below and stay tuned for the correct answer next week. ......

Let's have a drink (skin)...In pursuit of flawless skin we try countless #serums, #creams, #facials and cosmetic treatments but there is a really simple fix that stares us right in the eye…thats giving up on #alcohol as it has many undesirable effe

#celebskincareEver wondered how Celebs keep their skin looking so flawless at all times...No Doubt its their make-up artists....but have you ever wondered if their actual skin wasn't clean and clear would their make-ups look so beautiful ?The an

🧩 Anti oxidants 🧩Anti oxidants are wonder molecules that help in neutralising the effects of various harmful environmental agents like the Ultra violet radiations from the sunlight🌞, Air Pollutants☄️, Cigarette / Vehi

20 min glowing skin challenge ... have you seen it? How to participate 1. Watch the video Post your before after pics after using the home remedy for skin glow suggested accordin