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" On a bad day there is always LIPSTICK"Most women can relate to this quote.. there is nothing a good red lip can't handle.But more often than not we forget that even lips demand special care as they are exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basi

"LIPS ALSO AGE"Yes you heard that right.. As the facial skin ages the lips also undergo changes with aging. 1.)They tend to lose volume become smaller in size, dry out easily and start looking dull and lifeless.2.)Simultaneously with the changes

As we know and observe skin on the face is exposed to a host of external and internal factors that can lead to the different signs of aging on the face.Some of these changes can be easily seen over the succeeding years of life. For example1. Develo

HA fillers are the commonest aesthetic treatments after Botox worldwide. Filler treatment can help in repositioning the skin that starts sagging after a certain age and facial volume loss.We lose about 5 ml of facial volume every year. This needs t

Should a hair fall patient use hair conditioners? As a dermatologist I am asked this question very often “dr whenever I use hair conditioner after hair wash I loose bunches of hair at once. It scares me ;I feel I will go bald. So I have stopped usi

Wrinkles- part 2After discussing DYNAMIC WRINKLES in our previous Video post ( ) today we talk about STATIC WRINKLES.Static lines or wrinkles are the ones that would be visible on the face even when you don't use your

Botox takes 7-15 days to show best results. It helps in relaxing the facial muscles responsible for formation of fine lines and wrinkles more commonly referred to as:1. FOREHEAD LINES (seen on forehead when person expresses surprise or even at rest

"Beauty doesn't come by chance does come with correct proportions."A face is perceived as BEAUTIFUL by the eyes if the proportions of the face confer to certain measurements..This is the "SCIENCE of Beauty".Here is a small example...the n

⁠MID-LIFE skincare ritualsAfter discussing skin care for teenagers at depth in our previous post; today here we are talking about “MID LIFE SKIN CARE ROUTINE “for the age group 35-50 years .It’s in these years where most of the accumulated effects