Do you have premature hair thinning..?Hair thinning in men is considered to be genetically controlled. Yes while its true that hair loss or bald patches in males appear primarily because of their male hormone called testosterone it still matters at

A young child presented in Dr Sonam's dermatology clinic with a white patch over the cheek since last 2 months. It was a stressful time for the parents as they would see it growing day by day.After complete examination a treatment plan was formula

Do you feel your hair partitions look wider than before in your selfies. Ever wondered why the scalp show..?According to dr sonam it is one of the commonest complaints presenting in females in the age group 25-40 yrs. This happens because of gradu

" On a bad day there is always LIPSTICK"Most women can relate to this quote.. there is nothing a good red lip can't handle.But more often than not we forget that even lips demand special care as they are exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basi

🧩 Anti oxidants 🧩Anti oxidants are wonder molecules that help in neutralising the effects of various harmful environmental agents like the Ultra violet radiations from the sunlight🌞, Air Pollutants☄️, Cigarette / Vehi

Can we take pimples lightly ? Can we really expect them to go away on their own ? NOT REALLY .Even though acne or pimples tend to settle down with increasing age and reduced oil on the face, the scars left behind by TEENAGE ACNE can well be seen

Holi -the festival of colors While the child in us waits to splash a dash of bright red colour on a friend's face ...we tend to forget the impact of these colours on our skin.With cheap roadside vendors selling colours, and even some stores selli

Harmful effects of smoking on Skin & hairLet's take an easy quiz (pic courtesy:webmd)This is a picture of twins….guess who of these is a smoker ?Easy isn’t it ! Read on to see if you guessed it right and why?Tobacco's Tell-Tale SignsTwin B smok

"WORK FROM HOME SCHEDULES ARE AGING YOU"- Dr Sonam #facebooklive #trending #alert #askdrsonamWatch me live on Facebook as we talk ahow the latest change in our daily lives has impacted our skin. Post your questions in the comments below to ha