Pigmentation on the face can be of various different types but Melasma surely tops the list when it comes to the most difficult to treat.Today's picture presents an exceptional result after a single session of MICRONEEDLING done for melasma at Sris

Have a painful thickened area on the could be a viral infection.Plantar warts is what they are commonly called.They develop because the virus implants itself into the deeper layers of the skin of the foot where it slowly multiplies to form

Skin care tip no 3For ages it has been known that using a scrub does great for removing the dead layer off the skin. But little has been spoken about the right kind of product and the frequency.Any Scrub(Face/ Body) can be categorised according t

Do you have an extra skin outgrowth on the face or the body ...? Know what it could be.The commonly seen growths are skin tags, Warts, Seborrheic keratosis. It is important to understand the differences in between them to decide how should they be

Wrinkles- part 2After discussing DYNAMIC WRINKLES in our previous Video post ( ) today we talk about STATIC WRINKLES.Static lines or wrinkles are the ones that would be visible on the face even when you don't use your

Dark Underarms making you conscious...Not any more.Darkness in the underarm area could be caused by many factors like 1.Perfume use2.Chemical use like hair removal creams, bleach3.Irritant clothing4.Hyper pigmentation5.Hormonal disturbance6.I

Looking for a permanent solution for hair it is Hair thinning can be the result of multiple external and internal factors affecting the hair particularly in women above 35 yrs of age. The best thing is it is completely reversible if

Features of PCOS you shouldn't ignore if you see them:1.Excess oily skin(seborrhoea)2.Large painful pimples mostly around jawline.3. Sensitive red skin.4. Excess facial hair growth.5. Hair thinning on the frontal and central part of the scalp.

Do you feel your hair partitions look wider than before in your selfies. Ever wondered why the scalp show..?According to dr sonam it is one of the commonest complaints presenting in females in the age group 25-40 yrs. This happens because of gradu