"WORK FROM HOME SCHEDULES ARE AGING YOU"- Dr Sonam #facebooklive #trending #alert #askdrsonamWatch me live on Facebook as we talk ahow the latest change in our daily lives has impacted our skin. Post your questions in the comments below to ha

SKIN CARE - 10 facts about your hands 🤲With all so much that the hands are going through these days ... it’s very important we take a moment to pause and think 🔥Should you and DO YOU really care as needed for your hands? Here #dermatologist #dr

9 Trends in Acne: Changing Times For most of us born in the 80's, we have heard it from our parents- @ PIMPLES are normal and will settle with age. They don't need any treatment.@ I have had them too, why are you getting worried about silly acn

Is Period acne = Hormonal Acne ?Why do we get acne around periods ?And how hormones can cause pimples and acne ?Click the video link below to find out . Sonam talks about 2 common reasons responsible for acne,

Dr Sonam Ramrakhiani is a skin specialist in Thane, Mumbai in practice for the last 10 years with a special interest in Natural Skin Care.Today she shares her views about Flaxseeds..These tiny bundles of nutrient supply a treasureof health benef

➡Why Melasma becomes darker in summers ?➡Melasma is a harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. Skin gets its color from the pigment called MELANIN.Melanin is produced in the skin by spe

How to reverse the effects of smoking on skin ..It’s COMMON SENSE — Quitting Smoking Improves Your HealthBut did you know:🚭In just 20 minutes, blood pressure and heart rate return to normal. 🚭Within 24 hours, your heart attack risk begins fa

Acne: What you should know ? Acne is the 8th most common skin Disease according to a GLOBAL study report conducted in april 2020.72% children between age of 14-16 years of age have acne (in INDIA.) 21% Females reported Flare up of acne at least

🚨Acne & Rosacea🚨Does your face look like you are blushing all time and do you get acne (red pus filled bumps)….today in our #acneseries Know it all about Acne-⓽ by Dr Sonam, is dedicated to you..👩‍⚕️ Dr Sonam is a Dermatologist and a Cosmetic