#winterskincare Lowering temperatures feel great but the skin’s natural oil producing capacity becomes insufficient through this #climatechange Over time it has been studied extensively that dry dehydrated skin can have many issues like :#Roughs

Dr Sonam Ramrakhiani attending the NATIONAL CONFERENCE for dermatologists #dermacon2020 @pune.Staying up to date with the latest in Skin and hair care.#dermatologistinthane #dermatologistinmumbai #skinspecialistinthane #hairspecialistinthane #sk

Antioxidants from your kitchens Luckily antioxidants are the wonder molecules that can be replenished easily from our regular diets. These antioxidants play a very important part to:1. Control Inflammation 2. Delay aging of the body tissues.3. R

Pimples can be of different types ranging from blackheads to the pus filled huge ones.#benzoylperoxide is a time tested skin active that helps in treating the pus filled pimples faster by its strong antibacterial action on the skin.It is widely av

In the ever growing world of selfies and instant sharing it is very crucial to feel our best to enjoy life to the fullest.Having a clean and clear glowing skin and healthy luscious hair; definitely doubles the joy.When it comes to finding the best

Trying to kill time during the lockdown ... let’s do it together and let’s make it fun and useful 👍👍Talking about the second commonest deficiency forms in Indian females particularly -IRON ...Low iron levels in food along with blood loss alm

"Acne scars can NEVER ever go away on their own." says Dermatologist Dr Sonam.This is a MYTH that stops the person in need of a medical help from seeking a good doctor.It was believed that acne and its consequences tend to settle with age ....Yes

Do yo know when is the most critical time to wash your hands ? 🧼🧼The most critical time is before preparing or eating food and after going to the bathroom.🚽With today’s corona pandemic we are needing to wash our hands more frequently after mos

Wrinkles- part 2After discussing DYNAMIC WRINKLES in our previous Video post ( ) today we talk about STATIC WRINKLES.Static lines or wrinkles are the ones that would be visible on the face even when you don't use your