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"LIPS ALSO AGE"Yes you heard that right.. As the facial skin ages the lips also undergo changes with aging. 1.)They tend to lose volume become smaller in size, dry out easily and start looking dull and lifeless.2.)Simultaneously with the changes

Skin care tip no 3With the increasing awareness about sun damage it is obvious by now for everyone to have received an advise about using your sunscreen regularly from friends, neighbours, doctors , etc.Despite this people who say i don't use a s

Botox takes 7-15 days to show best results. It helps in relaxing the facial muscles responsible for formation of fine lines and wrinkles more commonly referred to as:1. FOREHEAD LINES (seen on forehead when person expresses surprise or even at rest

"Beauty doesn't come by chance does come with correct proportions."A face is perceived as BEAUTIFUL by the eyes if the proportions of the face confer to certain measurements..This is the "SCIENCE of Beauty".Here is a small example...the n

Crows feet are wrinkles that develop around the eye with skin aging. These get more prominent on smiling, closing the eyes due to action of the muscle around the eye.As a result with age eyes tend to look smaller/ almost closed while talking or smil

Hair loss / Hair thinning/ Bald patches in females can be multi factorial and needs holistic care in order to be revived.LLLT stands for low level light therapy and is widely used at our centre (Srishti Clinic) for effective hair regrowth in almost

Skin care tips - Tip no 4“How many times should i be washing my face ?” is the commonest question coming to every teenager’s mind at some point. “A common myth about face washing is if you wash more frequently you tend to keep your face clean and

Skin care routine for beginnersFor someone above 20 it’s a good time to start thinking about a regular skin care regimen if you wish to have great skin.A good routine would includeAM regimen1.) mild gentle cleanser in the morning2.)Skin nouri

⁠MID-LIFE skincare ritualsAfter discussing skin care for teenagers at depth in our previous post; today here we are talking about “MID LIFE SKIN CARE ROUTINE “for the age group 35-50 years .It’s in these years where most of the accumulated effects