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Hair loss / Hair thinning/ Bald patches in females can be multi factorial and needs holistic care in order to be revived.LLLT stands for low level light therapy and is widely used at our centre (Srishti Clinic) for effective hair regrowth in almost

Dark Underarms making you conscious...Not any more.Darkness in the underarm area could be caused by many factors like 1.Perfume use2.Chemical use like hair removal creams, bleach3.Irritant clothing4.Hyper pigmentation5.Hormonal disturbance6.I

"LIPS ALSO AGE"Yes you heard that right.. As the facial skin ages the lips also undergo changes with aging. 1.)They tend to lose volume become smaller in size, dry out easily and start looking dull and lifeless.2.)Simultaneously with the changes

Pigmentation or dark patches on the skin can occur because of hormonal changes during pregnancy and stress. Successful outcomes can be achieved by combination treatments like lasers and peels. Maintainence is very important in the form of sunscreens

Facial assessment is the key to natural looking results with anti aging treatments. With increasing age the face tends to become heavier and starts sagging predominantly around the jawline and neck area; as a result of which the shape of face change

⁠MID-LIFE skincare ritualsAfter discussing skin care for teenagers at depth in our previous post; today here we are talking about “MID LIFE SKIN CARE ROUTINE “for the age group 35-50 years .It’s in these years where most of the accumulated effects

Radiant skin is desired by everyone everyday but when you are the bride or the groom you surely wish to look and feel your absolute best on your D-day.Srishti skin clinic has a unique and one of its kind “WEDDING EXCLUSIVE” medi-facial wherein the

What happens to the skin after a peelChanges in the skin would be noticeable on a daily basis from the 2nd-7th day in the form of dryness, flaking of the skin or mild sensitivity (only after a strong peel) . All these improve by the end of 1 week

As we know and observe skin on the face is exposed to a host of external and internal factors that can lead to the different signs of aging on the face.Some of these changes can be easily seen over the succeeding years of life. For example1. Develo